Glenn has been touring Europe for his album Rise Up and is now back in Toronto with family. He currently finished writing a hit song “Secrets of Destiny” for an award winning film called Eyes Beyond.

He also performed this February on CHCH to raise money for Haiti. His latest album, These Are The Days is expected to perform very well and he is planning to go on his next tour to Brazil & Europe.

Glen will be performing at Youth Day 2010, supporting and mentoring young musicians.

In Glen’s early days, he joined a group named Crack of Dawn. This band had a lot of great hits. It was the very first African American band to attain a record deal in Canada with CBS, which set the ground for soul and reggae in Toronto.

He toured with The Pointer Sisters, Kool and The Gang, The Temptations, Natalie Cole and Patti Labelle to name a few.

Glenn also began to perform as a solo act and quickly became the number one act on the north coast in Jamaica and in the UK.

Glen signed with CBS and released two singles, “I got something for My Baby”, and “Oh What a Big World”. After CBS he joined Filthy Rich a Toronto based independent label where he produced the album “Heart of my World”. The single from the album became number 1 in Jamaica and in 1986 he joined the Pointer Sisters on tour across North America and recorded the album “I Found a Love” which garnered worldwide acclaim and was nominated for a JUNO award.

Glen is multi talented. He produces, writes songs, sings with his incredible world-class voice, plays the guitar, piano, violin, bass and drum.

He has contributed to many charities.

As a young boy, Glen Ricketts grew up with music all around him. He has been performing since he was 7 years old in Jamaica and singing professionally since he was 14. He has sold millions of records and CDs throughout the world, with the types of music, ranging from R&B to Jazz and multi-platinum dance tracks.

Many of Glen’s devoted fans have been touched by his live performances and recognize his voice through the UK, Italy, France and North America.

As a proud father he speaks very fondly of his amazingly talented wonderful son, Glen Junior. For those who are not aware Glen Jr. was born Glen Ricketts Jr. now known as Glen Lewis with a successful singing career of his own.


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